Located only 90 minutes from Paris, our wine tours use a maximum of Loire Valley aspects with its castles (2 per days!) and its fabulous combination of wines including Vouvray, Sancerre, Chinon. Also, our Michelin-starred restaurants will delight your taste buds!

Let yourself be charmed by the Loire Valley and our wine tasting tours ! The Renaissance Chateaux and the views of the river allow you to imagine the glamour and richness of the French royalty.

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Discover our Wines Tours from Loire Valley and its French luxury

“Wine is proof that God loves us and wants to make us happy” wine tours loire valley 

Benjamin Franklin

Behind this apparent luxury of the kings of France, lies a centuries-old gastronomic and oenological tradition! Did you know that goat cheese, known to everyone, comes from this region? Crottin de Chavignol, Pyramide de Valençay, Pouligny Saint Pierre, Sainte-Maure de Touraine… but also truffles in Sologne reveal a rich and decidedly French terroir. This is what we want to tell: the history of France through its wines and its gastronomy!

What intrigues us here more than elsewhere in France is the very strong presence of vineyards on the banks of the Loire and its tributaries. Less known than Bordeaux or Burgundy, its wines are nevertheless much more varied than in the above-mentioned regions. Indeed, the Loire Valley wine region is divided into 4 sub-regions: the Nantes region, Anjou, Touraine, and the Centre Val-de-Loire. Each region has its own terroir, its own distinct grape varieties and its own winemaking methods. And to think that at the time of the Roman Empire, it was not thought possible to establish vineyards in such a northern region! Come on a journey to drink Vouvray, Sancerre, Chinon wines and many more!

The sub-regions of the TERROIR of the LOIRE VALLEY

The Nantes region

Let’s start the ascent of the Loire by its most western part, in a maritime climate, with the Nantes region. With a very particular soil with already saline characteristics (Guérande salt is not far away!), the Nantes region has seen a strong development of its vineyards since the 17th century, when the Dutch came in large numbers to source French wine. From a grape variety that originated in Burgundy (the Melon de Bourgogne), a mineral wine based on laser-beam acidity and lemon was born: Muscadet. Also, this Muscadet is available in “sur Lie” version, where the winegrower deliberately chooses to leave the yeast deposits in the barrels with the juice during maturation. This choice gives way to a slightly rounder wine, with aromas of bread, toast and slightly vanilla. But the Dutch also wanted eaux-de-vie, which were highly appreciated for their durability and long life once they arrived in Holland. We have therefore innovated in the Nantes region with Gros Plant, a grape variety otherwise known as Folle Blanche, in order to meet the growing needs of the Nordic countries. A great wine region we get to visit on our 7-day tour!

Did you know? It takes 8 times more vines to make a bottle of eau-de-vie than to make a bottle of still wine!


In this intermediate region between the maritime and continental regions, we like to develop mainly Cabernet Franc. A thick-skinned grape, it is relatively successful in defending itself against the threats of the region (spring frost, summer mildew). Its best expressions are tasted in Saumur-Champigny or Chinon, and we have the privilege of tasting them on the 4th day of our tours. But Anjou also has its own Grands Crus! Quarts de Chaume and Bonnezeaux (Côteaux du Layon) are two gems where sweet wines are made from Chenin Blanc, the legendary grape variety of the entire Loire Valley, after undergoing botrytis – or noble rot.


A stronghold of Chenin Blanc, Touraine is doing well by revealing all the versatility of this grape variety, in dry, semi-dry, soft and even sparkling versions! Everyone knows the prestigious Vouvray, but other villages are not left out… to discover together during our 2nd day of tours!

Another grape variety to watch out for is Malbec, or as we call it here, Côt, with violette and cassis notes, strong grippy tannins in their youth, but a great structure to allow lovers to drink them after 5-10 years. You will also get to try rare grape varieties that you have most likely never heard of!

The Val-de-Loire Centre

In this region, we are already located on the Burgundy border. That already explains a lot! Indeed, if Sauvignon Blanc shines here more than elsewhere, the region also harbours sumptuous Pinot Noir, which sometimes have nothing to send to their neighbours on the Côte d’Or! Sauvignon Blanc is revealed differently according to its type of soil, whether it is clay-limestone, marl or flint.

This Kimmeredgian soil – buried below sea level 250 million years ago! – adds minerality to this already lively and herbaceous glass. So, we have one of the best wines in France in this very special terroir! We discover big names already established, such as Alphonse Mellot, Henri Bourgeois, Didier Dagueneau, Henry Pellé, but also some very interesting smaller producers. To taste absolutely at the height of our trip, on the 5th day of our tours!

The 2019 Loire Wine Fair has introduced the French and people from all over the world to some superb names, and these are names that we will see together during our escapades, drinking Vouvray Sancerre Chinon wines and many more! We will have the chance to spend time together with the greatest winegrowers of the region, so that they can explain to you the philosophy of their wines, guide you in the tasting, and of course, so that we can have a good time! This trip is an opportunity to make beautiful encounters and discover beautiful wines, expressions of such a special terroir!


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