I just had the best time with the Tripduck team talking wine, castles and tours. I wanted to share my experience with you, because not a lot of tour operators actually care that much about their partners, and I loved their approach.

They are a brand new travel platform where travelers can book some of the most exciting experiences such as day trips, tours, workshops, and much more anywhere around the world. They have a blog where they share the hottest travel topics, share travel inspiration, and feature interesting news.

Recently, they have decided to create a series of interviews with some of the most interesting travel companies, tour guides, and services they have found. That’s how we got in touch, and here is the end result of that exchange.

I thought it was an awesome way to promote themselves, because they literally take the time to step into the guides’ lives, know how we operate, what we do on a daily basis etc. That should be the way every tour operator works, because it makes it so much easier for a client to see himself travelling there, if he already “listens” to a guide through an interview.

Actually, come to think of it, a 90 second video published on their website about me could also be a legitimate way for a client to actually SEE the guide and feel comfortable booking the tour following that pitch… Work in progress!

Check out their website @ tripduck.com and look at their experiences, they organize travel the right way!

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