French President Emmanuel Macron has just made a speech to make conclusions on the situation with Coronavirus in France, and to announce the next steps.

Great news

The main piece of information for us in tourism is that our French borders will be open to Europeans starting tomorrow, June 15th. And the borders will be open to the rest of the world starting July 1st!

It is indeed great news, as it shows great improvement of the sanitary situation of our country, as well as a back to normal for our economy.

Chateaux are open

All chateaux have been opened for a few weeks now, and everything is working just fine. Everyone makes sure to respect the main rules of distance (keeping 1 meter distance between people when possible, wearing masks, using hydroalcoholic gel for hands on a regular basis, coughing in your elbow), and you can already see groups of dozens of tourists being guided into the castles. Pathways have sometimes been changed inside the chateaux in order to avoid crowds, gift shops have markers on the floor to indicate the distance you should keep from others at the cashier… all in all, it feels like everything is back to normal, with a few hygienic pointers to keep us all safe.

Our B&B is open

We have also adapted to the crisis, offering gel and masks to our guests, disinfecting all common areas on a very regular basis, and offering slippers to guests to avoid walking all over the house with dirty shoes. The first guests have been thrilled with the new experience, saying it feels safe, and are very happy that the chateaux are not as busy as usual, so they have plenty of time and space to take great pictures!

Our tours are open, so now that French borders are open, please make sure to tell your friends and family to come and visit the Loire Valley! We will be glad to greet them.


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